Simple pricing guidelines. To receive exact info, please request a quote.

Fine Gold Pricing

Pricing is based on the current spot price when purchasing fine gold per individual Oz.

• 1oz spot plus $50 fee ($50)

**Pricing is subject to change due to market and availability.

Gold Cuban Chain Links

We price our gold manufacturing based on total order weight here are our guidelines:

  • 4mm – 20mm Chains are $3.75 per gram above the daily market rate.
    • Minimum order quantity of one kilo to secure this rate.

  • For orders greater than 5 kilos, we offer volume discounts.
    • 8mm and larger is priced at $2.75/g
    • 4mm – 7mm is priced at $3.25/g
    • 3mm and smaller is priced at $4.50/g

  • Our lead time is typically two to three weeks or less.
  • Our lead time for LARGER ORDERS is three to five weeks.

Single Order Cuban Link Wholesale Pricing
  • Our primary focus is on manufacturing for high-volume retailers and wholesalers/distributors. However, we do accept single custom orders. Please be aware that these orders will be priced at a 15% markup over the current spot price. This pricing applies to chains or bracelets that are 8mm or larger and weigh over 100 grams. Single custom orders are not available for sizes 7mm and smaller.

  • Please note that all chains of any size in our inventory are priced at a 20% premium to the current gold spot market.

  • Minimum order quantity: 100g

  • Single orders and chains under 4mm are priced at 25% over the current spot price. This usually equates to around:
    • $32/g for 10k
    • $42/g for 14k
    • $52/g for 18k.

Silver Cuban Chain Links

  • Single silver chain orders are priced at $2.5 per gram (silver included) for 8mm or thicker chains with a minimum total weight of 100g.
*Please make sure to read disclosures at bottom

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Gold Jewelry Casting

Gold casting costs are simple & transparent. Here are the guidelines for every order:

  • $100 3D Cad design fee
  • $2 per stone setting fee
    • Gemstone cost separate
  • $8 per gram gold casting fee
    • Cost of raw gold separate
    • MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50g
  • 15% flat markup fee

Silver Jewelry Casting

  • Our silver casting fee is $4 per gram (raw silver metal included)
    • Minimum order quantity of one hundred grams.


*An average of 3% material loss is to be expected in the manufacturing process.

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RAW Precious Metal Pricing


  • We pay 96% – 99% of the daily spot price for all gold metal karats

GOLD COINS 22k – 24k

  • We pay 98% – 99% of the gold coin’s market value.


  • We pay 90% of market value for Sterling Silver

  • We pay 75% of market value for low-grade silver under 90% purity.

* During the smelting/refining process, it is anticipated that there will be an average 1% melt loss. This loss is primarily due to the burning off of base metals and alloys. The purity of the metal being processed is also a significant factor in determining the amount of melt loss. Furthermore, if stones, enamel, or other materials are present, additional melt loss can be expected.

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  • All raw gold material and gemstones must be paid for up-front 100% before an order is submitted for process.
  • You will receive a quote for immediate payment, gold pricing will fluctuate based on daily market conditions.
  • We do this to provide full transparency and protect you the customer and us the manufacturer.
  • Pricing is subject to change. Contact us to place an order and obtain updated pricing
  • All orders must be wired first, and customers must provide insured shipping labels.

We welcome all orders and strive to provide friendly, reliable, and professional service. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships and aim to make money with our clients rather than from them. We will do our best to structure a deal that works for everyone 💯